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Keymakers! Welcome and glad you could chat today! You just announced a new tour in 2020, can you fill us in with all the details?
Red: Thanks, good to be here! The Spectra Tour is our first major opportunity to showccase our live performance style. We’ve put together a pretty dynamic set that includes both of our vocals, keyboards, drum and sample pads, more traditional “DJ” elements, live mixing, and of course the saxophone – it’s a TON of fun to play and we think we’re going to have a blast with the people at all of our shows. We kick things off in Pittsburgh (our hometown) and are going all around the Eastern half of the country with stops in cities like NYC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. You can find all the shows at our Songkick here!
Speaking of touring, when you are performing do you ever experience performance anxiety or stage fright? If so, what do you do to combat it?
Rome: Oh forsure. But it’s all about preparation. Knowing our set in and out and rehearsing a ton is a great way to make most of those nerves go away. For the rest of them, the worst is the beginning – leading up to the show, walking up there, getting started. It used to be the same thing when I played basketball in college. The build-up is the hardest part. Once you’re out there, playing, really feeling it, all that other stuff goes away.
Do you speak any other languages? If not, any you would like to learn?
Rome: We both speak a decent bit of Spanish and can understand it pretty well. I recently started trying to learn French, but my schedule got a little too crazy to stick with it. Definitely trying to start that up again soon – our Dad used to be fluent and I just think it’s a really beautiful language (and country).
You have accomplished so much in your career, what big dreams are you chasing next?  
Red: Thank you! We always try to have a “keep it moving” mentality. We have definitely accomplished some things, and we allow ourselves to celebrate them at times, but there’s so much more we’re trying to do, so we can never get complacent. Reaching more fans, playing more shows, supporting ourselves through music so that we’re able to do this full time and devote ourselves entirely to our craft, those are all huge goals for us heading into 2020.
If you were given a one-minute ad slot during the Super Bowl, what would you fill it with?
Red: That’s a tough one! A minute isn’t long enough for a full song, so we’d probably just film some live footage and see if we can make some people smile and dance a little bit. Either that or just a full minute of us chanting “Who Dat?” for our New Orleans Saints!
With the new tour will you also be releasing new music?
Rome: Absolutely. We’ll take a couple of months off, but will be back with a remix in February that we did for a Nashville-based artist that we’re super pumped about. After that, we’ll have a few Spectra remixes come out from some awesome artists we’re working with now – and then it’s right back to more original music.
Tell us where we can find you online to support and follow you.

Red: Forsure! Follow us on Instagram (@thekeymakers) first – we absolutely love connecting with our fans and try and chat with every new follower. We post all types of content and it’s a great way to stay up to date on all things Keymakers. Beyond that, check us out wherever you stream music here ( and stay up to date on our live shows here ( so you can come hang out and rock with us! We appreciate it.

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