“Mama Proud” by Annette Adler

Mama Proud is the triumphant new album from California singer/songwriter Annette Adler. Capturing the devotion and love of parenting, Adler’s charming Americana-infused tracks are spry and lively. Discovering these songs is like flipping through a memory book or family album. From the opening title track that sets the scene with a vibrant array of piano and gentle acoustic guitar, to the closing “Mama Bear”, a ferociously fun outing, Adler lets us listeners in on her world and reminds us how we can all be connected. It’s all about love and family. 

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Right away you will be struck by the clarity and the sunshine sewn into Adler’s voice. She sings as though she were an educator – like her audience has been school-aged children for some time. I’m not being negative or chastising her – he’s as real as they get. You feel cozy and alert. You want to keep listening because she’s so engaging. The guitar work bleeds into each of the music bedrocks with angelic-like bursts. It’s as if the guitar were the golden layers – the last sheen on the multi-layered patchwork. At times the guitar and the accompanying piano have a nice little dance – their tender moments are pure. Adler’s voice is the perfect topping. 

One of my favorite tracks on Mama Proud is “Moments I Take”. I enjoyed how this song had a bit more urgency, more spring in its step. It’s not that the other songs are labored or lethargic. Absolutely not. “Moments I Take” reminded me, lyrically, of The Beatles’ “In My Life”. I felt so connected to the way Adler contemplates the growth of her son. He’s now a young man and she’s so beholden to the times she’s had with him and is optimistic the future will have many more milestones. It’s a wonderful bridge to finding those similar moments in your own life. Even if you’re not a parent, perhaps you can admire the love it takes to help raise a child (nephew, niece, cousin, sibling, etc.). “Moments I Take” energized me in a very unexpected way. 

I also loved the closer, “Mama Bear”. I was thinking this might be sad or even daunting. It’s really heartfelt (just like all the songs are). I loved the lines “I’m in your head no matter where you” and she also makes note to “stay out of your way”. This song really encapsulated much more than being a mother. It also reminded me of the idea that when a parent becomes a grandparent or even an ‘in-law’ they are still tasked with parenting. They just have to take in the moments and know when to trust and when to advise. Adler excels at painting this picture to


A special nod to “All The Answers” and “Keeping It Together”. These songs were also excellent. Adler has herself a new fan and judging by the way she writes songs; my guess is that her family (especially her kids) are her biggest fans. They should be very proud of their mom. 

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