Piano Power Ballad from New York Artist Tim Young

Tim Young is a multi-Grammy certified vocalist, songwriter and music producer from New York City. Over the years, Young has had the privilege of working with the likes of Paul McCartney, David Bowie, Max Martin, Ashanti, Hugh Jackman and Lin-Manuel Miranda, to name a few. His atmospheric rock meets alternative pop sound, has been described as Lana Del Rey meets Journey, meshing atmospheric storytelling with aggressive audio production, to create something that is uniquely his own. His lyrics share brutally honest and tragically hysterical stories from his very colorful and very strange life. 

His latest single “Supernova” narrates the story of a relationship from its conception to its demise. Young confides, “I had one of those relationships that burned hot and fast, breaking up and getting back together over and over again, until it ultimately imploded on itself. He used to own a flower shop, and one day while we were walking around the city, he pointed out a bouquet of Supernovas. That word stuck in my head; it felt like us. A supernova is the death of a star, an explosion creating one of the most brilliant, brightest events in the universe, leaving behind a husk, a monument to what once was.”

Written eight years ago, the relationship left a big scar on the artist, resulting in him having to overcome a lot of hurdles to finally be able to finish it. He shares, “This song was so important to me, it became this giant that I couldn’t tackle, and with every year that passed by, it only got bigger, more imposing. To release it now is the most indescribable feeling. The most amazing part: Supernova still sounds and feels as alive and timely as the day I wrote it. It’s perennial. It’s universal. It’s out of my hands.”

Sonically, “Supernova” is a piano power ballad, featuring a goosebump-inducing cello composition. The simple song lets the words and the melody tell the story without any unnecessary embellishments. Adding more vulnerability to his vocals, the songwriter stripped naked in the booth whilst recording, reflecting the exposed feeling that the relationship left him feeling. This is also echoed in the accompanying music video, which is described as a time capsule of Young’s real life, melding his imagination with the actual place and time. The stunning, cinematic video is built around the concept of a cube and showcases a mesmerizing aerial performance. Young explains, “I loved the idea of this empty cube, a defined object, filled with emptiness. That is the story of Supernova.”

Having previously worked in Broadway, as well as New York City’s nightlife scene where he developed award-winning shows and became a sought-after performer for the top purveyors of city entertainment, Tim Young is now ready to delve into his venture as a solo artist. Hoping to help listeners see the beauty beyond the pain of falling into love, “Supernova” will simultaneously tug at your heartstrings and remedy your heartache.




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