Savannah Nider Releases New Single

Nebraskan-born musicians that make their way to the national scene is nothing new. From Randy Meisner (The Eagles) to James Valentine (Maroon 5) to Lucas Hoge, the Great Plains has been fertile ground for mainstream and indie-talent. The latest Nebraskan to make their way to Nashville and create a buzz is Savannah Nider. Her new song “We Are Us” has claimed the top spot on the iTunes country singles chart in South Africa. As the song continues to make waves across the globe, Savannah’s enduring message bridges us closer.


Behind-the-scenes, Savannah worked with producer Bryan Cole and Grammy-winning engineer, Steve Marcantonio. Among Marcantonio has a very long and storied resume; he’s worked with icons like Brooks & Dunn, Vince Gill, Blake Shelton, Alabama, Kenny Rogers, Jewel and so on. The pristine mix, and the overall crispness in Savannah’s vocals is top notch in “We Are Us”. One can hear the special measures that were taken. And while that absence might suggest something too perfect and fabricated, that notion couldn’t be further from the truth. The production captures the gumption in Savannah’s delivery, the timbre in her voice that can’t be replicated.

The stirring music bed, an electric guitar and an overall modern country rock sound is the perfect backdrop for Savannah’s deeper vocals. The music bed is like a flower-filled field, bursting with colors of the rainbow and a myriad of moving sounds. It’s the prime tempo to feel completely engaged in the song, and not having the song power over the listener. It’s a quick and easy fit. It’s also relaxing and calming. When Savannah sings there’s no guarantee that there will be a tomorrow, it’s a reminder to not only live for today, but boost others and recognize we have but once chance. People everywhere, gotta learn to care for each other, ‘cuz we are us, we still pray, we still love every single day, Savannah sings, reaching into her back pocket for an even heavier, textured voice.

“We Are Us” is such a fulfillment of joy. Even the most cynical people on earth will scrounge up a smile from this track. At the heart of the elation is Savannah’s mere presence. She guides this song along as if this were the last song she could sang, a nod to the idea that tomorrow is never promised. She lays it all out on the line, leaving no regrets. As a listener, I was completely immersed in her vocal prowess. Not only can Savannah sing, but she has that ‘it’ factor. “We Are Us” is the perfect soundtrack to someone having a bad day, or going through a rough time in their life. It’s the ideal song to suggest, if you were a therapist, to let patients know they are not alone in this world. If the dreaded hands of depression are grabbing at you, or a person in your life, “We Are Us” is a powerful reminder there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There is always hope.

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