“Victory” and “More Of You” by Antwan Jenkins

“Victory” and “More Of You” are the fantastic debut singles from Indiana’s Antwan Jenkins. This church leader and vibrant singer/songwriter is a ray of sunshine in a gloomy time. But, if you’re like Jenkins, it’s never a gloomy time with the Lord on your side and in your corner – the cup always runneth over. In these new contemporary Gospel / Christian songs, Jenkins’ community leadership role serves him more than well. These songs not only galvanize his peers, the songs are a motivational tool for any music fan.

“Victory” and “More Of You” are both differently dynamic. In “Victory” Jenkins’ lively voice sets the mood for a clap along and rejoicing. Jenkins’ penned the song and his devotion to the words and Christ is cemented. Jenkins sings, with all power in His name, Jesus, victory, yes we claim, so if you’ve got the victory, just say….whose got the victory, I do, whose got the victory, I do, whose got the victory, I do, oh. I found it interesting that he applied the word victory to his faith, especially with the Midwestern roots having football and sports so ingrained into the fabric of the culture. Clever. Jenkins, who has also served as a worship leader at New Life Community Church of Truth in Indianapolis, has natural charisma and enthusiasm. I wanted to hear more of his voice, but I really loved the music bedrock in this song. It reminded me of something very funky with a dash of champagne.

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Jenkins’ also wins in the song “More Of You”. The lyrics are just as moving, just as special, only the overall fluidity of the song is smoother, at a slower pace. While the song lasts with the listener for days, it’s a relatively short song, with even less lyrics than Jenkins’ “Victory”. He sings Lord we need you, Lord we need you, there is none like you, there is none like you (he then repeats this line). The chorus is simple ‘more of you’. The next verse is we need your spirit, to guide us ‘till the end, we need your strength to mend our hearts again, we need your power to help us when we’re weak, we need your love, we need your love. Jenkins shows the listener a different side of his personality, a different shade of his faith in this track. In my opinion, he’s writing a letter to God or Jesus. He’s writing a letter and sings it aloud. Whereas in “Victory” he’s creating a voice for many. “More Of You” felt more personal to me. The piano is elegant, parallel to Jenkins’ moving tenor.   

When you listen to both of these songs you get it…you get the power of God and scriptures. They are not the traditional hymns that have been sung for generations, and these are fresh takes. Freedom rings loud within Jenkins’ codas. He unites the listener and offers a warm hang and a hug on each listen. “Victory” and “More Of You” are both excellent songs.

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