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Richard Lynch is more famous than most artists I write about, so it took me by surprise once I went over his amazing resume and found out just who I was listening to.  “He’ll Make Everything Alright” is his latest single destined for country Top 40 alongside five singles which have already made their way into that status.  The song should resonate with most country music fans, and Lynch has a reputation for keeping them happy but there is always a negative comment to be heard where opinions get published.  I just can’t think of anyone having a bad thing to say about Lynch or his songs, but we are living in the age of wonder.


The age of everyone is a critic is a subject to be explored in 2020, as changes take over without any warning and bring artistic challenges like never before.  But music is not like rating food or other products that get consumed and forgotten so easily, it can be as life changing as anything important or not.  I found that Richard Lynch should be in a lot more lives than I did not know he was already in, but it does not surprise me one bit.  

You either like country music or you don’t, and you either like something positive and enforcing of your own interests and when it comes to music it’s an easy choice to make either way you slice it.  The consensus about Lynch is that he is good and so is this song and his songs in general have the attention to prove it.  I am not even the biggest country fan and it inspired me upon the very first spin, but liking a little of everything I am always naturally curious to hear some new country music and give it an op[inion.

I could not help but tap my toe and see the visions of the Lyric Video compliment the words before it was even over, but the overall conclusion is that “He’ll Make Everything Alright” is another hit song for this mighty popular country singer.  Video’s help expose, but Lyric Video’s help understand a song’s meaning, and therefore I find them to be a great little invention for that sole purpose alone.  Does “He’ll Make Everything Alright” need a Lyric Video is the question and the answer is no because he is already radio tried and true and road tested.

“He’ll Make Everything Alright” is a title with more meaning than meets the eye, so when it meets the ear it comes out in the wash and Lynch either wins you over if he hasn’t already managed that, or you’re likely reading the wrong review.  This song is enough to turn anyone onto Richard Lynch or satisfy anyone already a supporter of this world class country star.  The Ohio Country Music Hall Of Fame even inducted him last year, so these successful singles he has been releasing are no accident, it is all pre written if you really key into what Lynch is cooking.

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