“Trusted Leader” by David Horsager

Move over, Gordon Gecko. Time to pack up the office, Miranda Priestly. There’s a new way to run an institution in town, and it’s being embraced by some of the brightest and best CEOs gracing the current job markets. One of the more influential of this crowd is Mr. David Horsager, a Wall Street Journal bestselling author and decorated CEO of the firm Trust Edge Leadership. Horsager is a breath of fresh air when it comes to post-modern soliloquies on successful corporate hierarchal models, partly due to the fact he lacks the youthful naivety and anti-decorum many representatives of newfound techniques emanate, and also because he is willing to utilize bell-clear, eloquent, and concise language in place of fancy descriptors or extensive terminology so anyone, anywhere, can comprehend, intuit, and in the entrepreneurial sectors implement his brand of corporate philosophy head on.

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Through an analogical, semi-fictitious narrative, Horsager introduces the bedrock of his beliefs – titled the Eight Pillars of Trust. His argument, contrary to the traditionalist models of corporate hierarchy, states that all employees of a said business from top to bottom need to be unified and personally invested in the company’s vision and chances for success. Another example in Horsager’s break from tradition is applying actual integrity to one’s character in handling day-to-day practices. After all, trust is his operative keyword for maintaining success and integrity of an institution. “People sometimes ask me about being trusted versus being trustworthy,” he writes. “…What are we really going for? Trustworthiness! People might mistakenly trust a leader, but is a leader worthy of their trust? That is our goal, to be worthy of everyone’s trust. And, let me tell you, that takes work every single day. Your friends, family, team, and staff – they need you. The world needs you. It’s noble work to become a TRUSTED LEADER, and you will flourish when it is achieved!”

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Horsager’s argument for the implementation of actual ethics into workplace practices is two-fold. Again, with a sense of genuine trustworthiness genuine motivation is all but guaranteed for every employee, and that in effect – he writes – ensures everyone, most of all you and your initiative, wins. One could call it ‘practical compassion’, and while Horsager’s unique brand is unto itself such a mentality is taking hold of companies across the nation by storm. Whether it’s implementation of Eastern spiritual and holistic practices, tactics like the Lean system, or a professional’s own, individualized brand of ensuring company fluidity, the results speak for themselves. Businesses will continue to innovate, synchronize, and improve across both wide and exponential margins as a result.

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