Wendy Stuart and Guest Co-Host Tym Moss Present TriVersity Talk Thursday 7 PM ET With Featured Guest Alan Reiff

Wendy Stuart and guest co-host Tym Moss will be hosting TriVersity Talk this Thursday at 7 PM ET with featured guest Alan Reiff. 

TriVersity Talk! is a weekly web series with featured guests discussing their lives, activism and pressing issues in the LGBTQ Community. With TriVersity Talk!, the goal is to laugh and learn.

TriVersity Talk! Is part of TriVersity’s ICARE Initiative. ICARE stands for Increasing Community Awareness through Relevant Education. ICARE Programs are generously funded by The Greater Pike Community Foundation.TYM MOSS is one of New York City’s most dynamic performers.    This Singer/Actor/Host is a legitimate movie star (He stars in JUNK a full feature musical film)

TYM also has a critically acclaimed Cabaret show he has taken across the USA. 

He co-hosts a weekly talk show with Wendy Stuart called If These Walls Could Talk.

TYM MOSS also covers red carpet events and performs on stages around NYC.  He is also an LGBT Activist. 

You can find and follow him on all Social Media platforms at TYM MOSS. 

Alan Reiff has been a volunteer with Heritage of Pride (NYCPride) for 37 years: starting with the first dance on the pier and hefty garbage bag  with the clean-up crew.  In 1995 he joined their Executive Board as the Secretary. He has held the positions of Community Relations Director, Pridefest Director, and Co-Chair from 2001 -2003, and again from 2011 – 2013. Today, Alan is/was active on the the following committees: The March, Community Relations, Stonewall 50, and Development. His latest incarnation with NYCPride is as a  co-writer of the ABC TV March Broadcast script for the last few years. From October of 2013 till September of 2017, Alan was a member of the Executive Board of Queens Pride. He held the positions of Festival Director, Co-Chair, NERP 2015 Programming Director, and Secretary. He is also a member of OUTAstoria, and a founding member of OUTBronx.

Alan has also been very active with InterPride for 30 years.  He was on the first WorldPride committee in 2000 and worked in Rome on that event. He was then elected to be the first WorldPride committee chairperson for InterPride: a position he held till 2019.  He was Interpride’s Executive Board Secretary for 2 years ending in 2011 and is also a member of their Human Rights Committee. He was the keynote speaker at Budapest Pride 2001 where he brought the first Rainbow Flag to that city. He spoke at Warsaw EuroPride in 2011. He participated in the organization of World Pride London 2012, and carried the InterPride banner at EuroPride 2013 in Marseille, France. He also organized InterPride’s booth at WorldPride Toronto 2015. He served as a Regional Director for the Northeast region of the USA up to 2019 as well.  Past international missions include speaking at CSD Konstanz Pride in Germany in 2013. This was especially moving since his grandparents were forced to leave Europe before WW I, and he returned as an honored guest. Other missions brought him to Vilnus, Lithuania for Baltic Pride 2014 (with Stuart Milk), Riga, Latvia for EuroPride 2015, and the summer of 2016 to Amsterdam Europride 2016.  In April of 2016, he co-led the first ever LGBT Youth Activists workshop in Bucharest, Romania. He was very active in helping to plan World Pride Madrid 2017: representing InterPride’s interests, as well as helping the organizers with logistics.  He was again elected back on the Executive Board of InterPride as their Secretary in October 2020. In 2021 he had the honor to being the official representative of InterPride at the WorldPride event in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

In “his spare time”, Alan currently works for the DOE as the ENL Coordinator at The Bronx Academy of Multi-Media in the South Bronx.  He is multi-lingual which he credits for his ability to be able to function in any situation. He has taught High School in Suzhow, China as a Sandy Feldman UFT Teaching Fellow, as well as creating a language protocol for new U.S. immigrants with the International Rescue Center at their Arizona office. Prior to teaching full time, he worked for EL AL Israel Airlines based in NYC and was an ESL Adjunct Lecturer for LaGuardia Community College. He has participated in and led many workshops over the years on Pride organizing as well as on ENL education.  In all his years with the DOE, he has always been proud to be an OUT teacher and has been fortunate to have administrators who have always supported him. He has lived by Harvey Milk’s rule of being authentic and being OUT. In 2019,  Alan began facilitating a GSA lunch time group and a LGBTQ Visiting Writers Program at his middle school. He has found these endeavors to be the most rewarding things he has ever done. “I’m giving these kids something I never had.” This unique combination of Pride experience, and being an OUT teacher, has made him a role model and advocate for all LGBT teachers and students. He has been recognized for his work by receiving the 2019 UFT Daniel Dromm Excellence in Educator Award for OUT LGBTQ Teachers, The 2016 PFLAG Morty Manford Award as a trail blazer and role model, the 2018 MOST VALUABLE PLAYER award from his school The Bronx Academy of Multi-media, and the 2020-2021 UFT Middle School Award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to his chapter and school community. In June 2022, Alan is planning to retire from his teaching career after 30 years. He will still continue his LGBTQ activism as that is “his life blood” and he still has a few hefty garbage left to fill. 

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