“Crazy Love” is the latest single from AV Super Sunshine

“Crazy Love” is the latest single from Wisconsin’s AV Super Sunshine and its two mixes made available to listeners solidifies his position as one of the more versatile performers and songwriters working in the indie music world. His deft integration of traditional rock tropes with a modern aesthetic distinguishes him from the vast majority of modern musicians and songwriters flirting with what constitutes modern rock. He has the skill set, however, to branch off from rock with confidence and record in other genres with the same amount of brio and verve defining his forays into the rock arena. The dance mix of “Crazy Love” illustrates that for any doubters out there, but both mixes of this new single hold up under repeated listens.

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The rock mix leads the way. It is shorter than the dance version, a little under four minutes in length, and superb construction keeps the tune snapping from the beginning. AV Super Sunshine’s singing and the guitar playing on the rock mix capture your attention and gold it over the course of the song. The drumming doesn’t come in immediately but, when it does, it gives the song a muscular drive that balances well against the near jaunty guitar riff at the center of the song. It has a mid-tempo pace, but nevertheless manages to generate tremendous energy from beginning to end.

AV Super Sunshine and producer Michael Bradford build towards the rock mix’s peaks with the right amount of force and patience. Despite the length of the song, there’s nothing here that’s rushed and listeners definitely will not finish the track feeling cheated in any fashion. It entertains and has musical substance throughout. Moreover, it juxtaposes with the dance mix in a memorable way.

There are obvious differences between the two takes on this song. Overall, it shows how well put together the track is – it works just as well as a dance track and, some might say, even better. The presence of synthesizers and other electronic adornments certainly sets the dance mix apart from the earlier version of the song and AV Super Sunshine exhibits the same steady hand utilizing that sonic architecture than he shows with traditional rock elements.

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It has rib-rattling bass that works, in essence, as the song’s hot beating heart. It isn’t difficult to imagine this cut playing quite well in a club atmosphere or blasting from powerful speakers, but it never threatens to batter listeners into wild-eyed submission. Despite the differences in approach, the same artistry we hear in the earlier version of the track is alive and well in the dance mix.

It’s another exceptional outing for AV Super Sunshine and in keeping with his previous releases. Sunshine may not be broaching new topics in popular song with this track but he, nonetheless, brings an authentic and unquestionable voice to time-tested material that makes it his own. It is easy to imagine this performance proving to be his most successful single yet and it serves as a potent springboard into a future bright with promise.

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