Harry Urbina: The Future Master of Dance Gets a Makeover from Celebrity Hair Designer Mark DeAlwis

What began as a Meals on Wheels annual benefit at the Mark DeAlwis Salon, led to the discovery of Harry Urbina, a very talented and special 10 year old boy who loves to dance. The very essence of authenticity, sweetness and light lives within Harry. Having won a door-prize makeover via the Salon, famous speech writer and coach, Mike Greenly, generously transferred his victory over to young Harry. 

Harry Urbina is currently enrolled at “Monroe Dance Academy,” (MDA) in Monroe Connecticut. He attends classes twice a week and partakes in tap, ballet, jazz and musical theater.

He also attends a male dance conference in Manhattan during the summer called “Male Dancer Conference.” This Summer will be the third such conference including boys starting at age 7 all the way up to age 21. The boys come from all over the world to partake in this conference. The classes are divided by age and they are able to get top teachers to teach the classes. It’s five days in August and the classes are all day. This is a very special event because normally in a dance class there are only one or two male dancers. At this conference it is comprised of all male dancers. It’s a great bonding experience as they talk about what it’s like to be a boy dancer standing out and being unique.

Harry and I spoke right before his Mark DeAlwis makeover, who known for transposing celebrities including Sandra Bernhard, Connie Stevens, and Joely Fisher just to name a few. Harry arrived with mom Michelle, cool sister Lenie and Quark Record Label owner dad Curtis. He also arrived with super long hair and a big excited smile…..

Harry, how did you become interested in dancing?

My friend brought me to a “bring a friend to dance class”, and I liked it, so I started to dance.

What’s the name of your school?

Monroe Dance Academy.

How many days a week do you attend?

I go twice a week.

What kind of dance genre are you most interested in?

I like ballet, and tap, but I still like them all. I do tap, musical theater, jazz and ballet. 

Do you get to wear cool costumes and do recitals and stuff like that?


How long have you been dancing?

Two years maybe.

What’s dance class like?

It’s just really a class and the teacher gives us the combinations. Sometimes you go up in front if you know how to do it.

Will you be considering dancing as a career?

Yeah, a little bit. Probably. 

What other interests do you have?

I like science. I play the ukulele. My sister plays it and I just tried it and I liked it. 

Anyone that you want to shout out to?

I want to say hi to my teachers and thank them for teaching me. There is Miss Bridie, Jamie, Megan and Nicole. 

You also go to a annual dancer conference in the summer, don’t you?

It was really fun. We are like a bunch of male dancers and we all come together in the city and we take classes. It’s all male dancers and we get some of the top teachers, or just like really good teachers to teach the class. It’s really fun.

Harry when you become famous, because I know you will, what advice would you give to someone who is thinking about pursuing dance?

Do it because you love it, and if you don’t like it, than just don’t do it. If you like it then keep doing it. It allows you to express yourself and everything. 


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