Ronnue Delivers “You Got Me Open”

Sexy, romantic, and even bittersweet love songs are present in every genre of pop music. Whether it be rock n’ roll, blues, R&B, or something else, compositions about the joys of finding the special feeling and the pain that comes with it are present in every generation of great pop, and as a result, they’ve become one of the most lucrative sources of profit that the entertainment business can rely on. Ronnue delivers his contribution to the soulful songbook of romance with “You Got Me Open,” a song that combines the smooth vibes of old-school R&B with the energy of modern post-funk. 


Ronnue is the kind of performer that would have success singing almost any style of music, as he’s proven with his numerous dives into different genres before this release, but he isn’t content to just play to what’s trending with the most “likes” in pop culture at the moment. His approach to songwriting isn’t attached to a scene or a select group of influences but instead born from his own experiences in life and relationships. He’s often compared to other singers in the R&B genre, but I think that his music transcends the boundaries of categorization and touches on a universal element within all melodic craft. 

“You Got Me Open” isn’t a love song in the familiar sense, but more an exercise in sonic interpretation. The funky key that the track starts us off with gives the impression of darkness and the unknown, but once Ronnue starts to sing it’s like a light cuts through that darkness to tell us that everything is going to be okay. This is an excellent example of a pop song that boasts an instrumental arrangement as moving as the lyrics are, which isn’t exactly a common occurrence in today’s increasingly predictable musical climate. 

I truly believe that Ronnue has the potential to be one of the most influential voices in all of his scene right now. Currently, the Seattle circuit has been in desperate need of new leadership and new faces to give direction to where the scene will be going in the 2020s, and I haven’t heard anyone else with the skill and talent that this artist has rising to the occasion. Ronnue might be a relative outsider when it comes to the mainstream, but he’s showing us that he has the chops to go all the way to the top and preserve the integrity of this powerful style of music for generations to come. 

Stylish, slickly produced, and driven by an immaculate voice, “You Got Me Open” and its six different mixes make for the smash single that 2023 needed to get started on a solid DIY note. In this song, we find that the king of Seattle indie R&B has arrived to ascend to the throne and his name is Ronnue. There’s no question that we need to hear more from this man before the year is out, but as of this moment, there are few players actively on his level that could genuinely challenge him for the position he’s gained thus far. 

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