“The Boogey Woogey Man” by Marla Lewis

“The Boogey Woogey Man” is the frightfully fun new children’s single from New Jersey’s Marla Lewis. A tantalizing tale of dance, spooky sounds and a charming top hat – this sing along gem takes a bite from the big band days and swoops the listener off their feet. Lewis’ demeanor and a duet with the man himself makes for an entertaining little ditty. Beware, you might just get too caught up and find yourself dancing down the street.

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Lewis captures both the spirit of Halloween and childlike eye-opening imaginations. You never feel like she’s talking down to the listener, and her caring spirit shines through with the utmost optimism. The undercurrent in jiving, with a tempo full of moxie and brass. I loved the energy and the snap to it all. She sings, with conviction and earnest, the boogey woogey man’s put a spell on your shoes. Later, she sings with a sigh of dramaticism help! I can’t stop dancing, leaving just a smidge of room for the chorus to jump right in. The imagery and the rhythms of this song make it very hard to resist. It’s just nonstop grooving and moving. 

I also loved the ghostly male vocals on the ‘boogey man’ parts. He’s no Vincent Price, but who amongst us wasn’t scared for their life when Price’s sinister voice cut through the ending of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. I think I’m still triggered by his voice anytime I’m watching an 80s music channel and “Thriller” pops up. Anyway, it’s nice to be scared, but not too scared, if you’re a youngster. It’s the care and the enthusiasm from artists like Lewis that make the children’s genre wildly entertaining, but inclusive. To be frank, this song can stand right up on that podium next to “The Monster Mash” for good, clean scares. It’s nice to switch things up a bit, and besides, the jazzy tones and textures Lewis crafts is quite spectacular. If this were an instrumental, you’d be hard pressed to not think it’s an everyday jazz outing. Although there are some organ arrangements that give the whole Halloween vibe to the next level. Think of that daunting, Victorian-vampirish wavelength. I loved how it added even more depth and kept me tuned-into every move of the song. It’s easy to keep moving forward with this song and drift away into the imagery and the storyline. 

Parents on the lookout for another ghoulishly fun sonic treat need to look no further than “The Boogey Woogey Man”. Guaranteed to get the hips moving and cast lasting smiles over the crowd, Lewis is a gifted artist with a penchant for keeping things light and fun. With so much darkness and evil invading the space during the Halloween season, it’s extra nice to have something that is a bit light-hearted but instead of giving shivers into the night, it gets little pumpkins and trick-o-treaters of any age boogeying down the road. It has just the right amount of bounce and things that go bump in the night to be that extra treat to your Halloween night. 

Nicole Killian

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